Different Types of Photography To Explore

There are different types of photography you can get into once you have gotten into the industry.  Of course, everything starts with the general area of just trying to shoot anything and everything around you.  There is a good chance that you started taking photos of people and things closest to you or at home.

You might have even moved on to taking photos of your friends and other family members.  After that, you start to get a little token from other people in exchange for covering their small events.  It can be a birthday party for kids or even an anniversary celebration for older married couples.  There might even be businesses in your area that might need photography services.  You start to dabble in other types of photography to make a buck.

At this point, you might start to get a better understanding of how your DSLR works.   You can now capture the image with your camera as you see it in your mind and through your lens.  Your shots are improving day by day and you start to explore more.  This is where you start to look into different types of photography that would match your interest and even hobbies.

As you go out and explore photography a lot more, here are a few photography fields that might interest you.

Street photography

This is one of the most talked about yet scary field for a lot of photographers.  There are a lot of photography tutorials and techniques on how to flourish in this photography field but one of the main hurdles is fear.  Yes, a lot of photographers are afraid of trying to take candid shots of people going about their business in the street.

They are afraid of what other people might say when they start taking pictures.  The worst case scenario is that people would start to accost photographers and a fight would break out. This is not a usual occurrence, and while street photography has its risk, the rewards are great.  This is a great breeding ground and to practice a lot of photography basics.

Street photography helps you feel more comfortable in using your camera and react quickly to changes around you.  As light and other variables change around you while out in the street, you get to train your hand and eye coordination to bring out the images you want and see in your mind onto your camera.

Different Types of Photography

Aerial Photography is one type of the different types of photography

From street level shots, looking at different types of photography you will encounter aerial photography.  Aerial photography takes you up in the air and shoots straight down on the ground.  It provides photographers and viewers a different perspective on everyday places.  It is not common to see borders between two countries or even the sea from a high perspective.

Aerial Photography

Different types of photography includes Sports photography

One other type of photography you might have heard of or come across with is sports photography.  If you are into sports yourself then you might be able to appreciate this better as a photographer.  As the name suggests, this is geared towards taking photos of sports activities.  It can be from mainstream sports such as basketball, football, or even baseball.

It might surprise you to know that some of the defining moments of most sports discipline are enshrined in a photo.  Most articles about the games also come with a photo.  This is why sports shooting is one of the forms of photography people gravitate to.  It becomes a lot easier when you understand and play the sport yourself.

Sports photography

Food photography is also one of the different types of photography

Have you ever found yourself suddenly hungry just because you saw a poster of a mouth-watering food?   Or you suddenly feel the urge to just buy the food because of the photo that you saw.  This is what food photography can bring to the table, so to speak.  When it comes to different types of photography, this is one of the most satisfying photography genres for people who either love to cook or love to eat.

Food photography

Landscape photography

The Earth is full of beautiful places to see and a lot of people want to immortalize these locations by taking photos of them.  If you are into this type of photography, you are now venturing into landscape photography.  This is where you try and take photos of nature around you such as the rolling hills or the mountainside and even the sea coast near your place.

Landscape photography

Architectural photography

There are a number of man-made structures that will often tickle your fancy and take photos of them is what you call architectural photography.  This form of photography makes you appreciate the skill and talent of people who design and  build things around you.  From magnificent buildings to stunning and avant-garde pieces of homes or even buildings, there is a lot to choose from.

Architectural photography is an art in itself in trying to capture the beauty of man-made structures.  This is a form of photography that helps a lot of people appreciate the beauty around them.  This form of photography also employs special equipment such as drones, cranes, or even tilt-shift lenses to get a nice shot of strictures.

Architectural photography

Fashion photography

When it comes to forms of photography, one of the most in-demand is fashion industry.  From magazine covers to billboards, a lot of celebrities are seen by a lot of people in unbelievable shots.  Exotic locations, top of the line hair and makeup, as well as incredible costumes.  This type of shoot almost always has a full team of assistants, lights, and photographers present.  It is a demanding industry but a rewarding one as well.

Fashion photography

Wildlife photography

One of the more exciting forms of photography is heading out onto the wild and taking snapshots of the animals around you.  Wildlife photography brings you closer to nature and gives you the chance to interact and capture animals in their home.  They are unguarded and candid shots of animals that give other people a peek into their everyday lives. 

Wildlife photography

There are a lot of different types of photography for you to look into when you are trying to widen your understanding of the industry.  You can explore and choose the right one for you.


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