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is a site to learn about photography, discuss photography basics, share ideas, and promote the passion for photography.

 Check the Blog Posts for articles about equipment and accessories, photography basics, tips and ideas.  

The intention here is to provide useful information to beginners as well as  enthusiasts that share my interest.

My Gallery

Of course my fascination with photography is why I created this site.  My gallery can be seen at rjr smugmug gallery(Click Here)

I find Smugmug to be excellent for secure image storage.

I have provided a Discussion Board  for interaction

Sharing and listening to others is the best way to improve photography skills.   There is a tremendous amount of knowledge to acquire in this passion, and the knowledge here comes from experiences.  While you can read publications and watch YouTube videos, nothing works as well as interaction with people familiar with the subject you want to learn.

Be a Part of This Site

The interaction can lead you to that “Aha” moment when the question you might have would never be covered in a prerecorded video.

This site is not only for learning, but also for sharing anything photography related.  Product reviews  and information are welcome here.  We are all in this great passion together, sharing information and thoughts are a big part of what makes photography so interesting.  Photography is an art and there are as many perspectives as there are photographers.  We can learn and expand with input from each other.

My intent is sharing my thoughts, opinions, and maybe a little knowledge with others my and provide a forum for others to do the same.  Please be a part of my website, the whole idea here is interacting with others.  I hope you will find this interesting and useful.

I am always learning more about photography and it has led me here.  My intention with this web site is to create a venue for sharing and learning more about our passion.  I continue on the journey  in pursuit of that amazing image that continues to elude me.  Please feel free to comment or make suggestions to how I can improve this site (or my images.)

About Me

A little bit about me: I have always been interested in photography.  My first camera as a kid was a

buy kodak instamaticKodak Instamatic 104. 

I thought I was pretty special with that little camera.  Especially when I could afford a roll of color film!  

dslr accessories

In my teens I was using an old bellows camera that I got from my dad and developing black and white prints in a darkroom that I put together in my parents’ basement.

I now shoot with Canon DSLR.  I bought my first Canon around 40 years ago.  It was a Sureshot 35mm.  From there I went to an AE-1.  When digital cameras came out I bought a small Olympus Stylus pocket camera that boasted a massive 4 megapixel.  My Canon film cameras got put on the shelf because digital was so easy compared to film.  I returned to Canon with a Rebel XTi and really began my deeper interest in photography.  My current setup is a Canon 7d Mark ii and my go to lens is a Canon 16-35 f4L  IS.  For wildlife and birds I use an EF 400mm f5.6L prime or my EF 70-200mm f4L IS.  these 2 lenses are often supplemented with an EF 1.4x ii teleconverter.  I also use the 50mm 1.8 STM.  My newest addition is a Canon m50 mirrorless.  I have an adapter for the m50 to use my EF lenses, as well as a 22mm f2.0 M lens.  I am actually amazed at the images I get from that m50!  Of course, the wish list never goes away!



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