DSLR Accessories You Need To Get Started In Photography

Apart from your camera and lens, there are a number of DSLR accessories for beginners you would need to look into when you get started in photography.  As most people around you might have already hinted how expensive the industry is, this is all the more reason to invest in accessories to help you take … Continue reading "DSLR Accessories You Need To Get Started In Photography"

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Gray Card for White Balance – Photography Basics

Photography basics discussions often lead to using a  gray card for white balance in digital photography.  White balance plays a big part in getting the true colors in you images.  The AWB, or Auto White Balance setting in modern digital cameras does a very good job of calibrating white balance.  However, there are times that … Continue reading "Gray Card for White Balance – Photography Basics"

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Beginner Photography Accessories – Camera Bags

Camera Bags are likely one of the first photography accessories that a photographer will find a need for.  As in most photography equipment and accessories, it is easy to be overwhelmed.  A camera bag search on Adorama gets 2149 results.  An Amazon camera bag searchproduces over 50,000 results.  That is a lot of choices just for camera … Continue reading "Beginner Photography Accessories – Camera Bags"

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Best Photography Accessories – Filters

Getting started in photography is a rather involved process.  After purchasing a camera, a new photographer will likely  reach a point where they are thinking about photography accessories.  Filters are one of those accessories. Filters One of the first the first photography accessories many  consider is a filter.  There are many types of filters, and they can … Continue reading "Best Photography Accessories – Filters"

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